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Weekly Yugioh OTS Tournaments

Wednesdays at 4pm

Thursdays at 4pm

Fridays at 4pm

Saturdays at 1pm + 4pm

Sundays at 1pm + 4pm

Advanced Format Constructed Tournaments, Tournament Entry is $5. 

You get 1 OTS pack for participating and additional prizes based on standings. 

In order for tournaments to start on time, please sign up before the start of the tournament.

Forbidden & Limited Lists can be found here!

Back to Duel

Back to Duel is a new Organized Play program for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME at your local Official Tournament Store (OTS)!

Limited edition Game Mats and Field Center Cards are exclusive prizes for these events.

Look for a new Game Mat and Field Center Card design each month to add to your collection! 


Back to Duel Double Playmat Tournament

June Date TBD

Advanced Format Constructed Tournament, Tournament Entry is $10 and begins at 4pm. You get 2 OTS packs for Participating. Plus additional prizes awarded based on standings. Top Winner awarded Exclusive Back to Duel Playmat. Random Winner also awarded Exclusive Back to Duel Playmat.

Power of the Elements (POTE) Premiere! event scheduling has begun!

The Premiere! is scheduled for July 30th and 31st.

Power of the Elements (POTE)


1pm Premiere! Sneak Peek Celebration 

 $20 entry, get 5 POTE packs and Field Center Card! (Raffle for Playmats and UR Foils awarded at 1:55)


2pm Win-a-Box! Yugioh OTS Tournament (POTE cards allowed) 

$10 entry, get 2 Participation Packs with entry! Advaced Format, Swiss Rounds, no Top Cut.

First place awarded Box of Power of the Elements, Additional Packs awarded based on standings.




Get Lost Art Promos and Other rewards!

At The Wizards Duel

Brockton MA


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Advanced Format Forbidden and Limited Lists:

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