Weekly Sunday Official Store Tournament

Every Sunday, 1pm start, $12 entry

Gets you one tournament pack free with entry.

Everyone wins two booster packs per match win!

Top three winners get additional tournament packs 3,2,1

Swiss Rounds, 45min round time+5min overtime per round.

Application using TCG+App recommended.


Digimon Card Game 

May 2023 Store Championship Tournament

>> May 28th, 1pm Sunday <<

Compete to become your local game store’s champion!! Join our events for exclusive 2023 Store Championship promotional items! North American players will play to win a finals invite to this year’s championships! $20.00 entry
Prizes: Top Winner awarded Invite, 1x Store Championship 2023 Participant Pack, Top 4: 1x Store Championship 2023 Champion Card Set.
Everyone gets 1x Store Championship 2023 Participant Pack at signup. Booster Pack Prize Package awards 2 packs per match win.
Format: Constructed, Swiss Rounds. No Top Cut
Round times 55 minute + 5 minute OT
Best-of-three Game Matches.
8 players must attend the event for a National Finals Invite to be granted.


Upcoming Prerelease Tournaments

 >>  ST-14  March 19th 2023, 1pm Sunday  <<

Beelzemon Cup Prerelease Tournament for Advanced Deck Set St14

Rules for this event is Purple Cards only!

$30 entry, Receive One St14 Advanced Deck Beelzemon, Prerelease pack and Participation cards!

Swiss Rounds, Top winner awarded Winner Card and Everyone Wins a pack per round! 4 rounds maximum.

Application using TCG+App is required for Prereleases.

>>  BT-12 Prerelease Tournament April 23rd 2023  <<

>>  BT-13 Prerelease Tournament July 16th 2023  <<

Sunday 1pm start, $30 entry.

Application using TCG+App is required for Prereleases.

Digimon Card Game Official Events

Apply/Register for Events Online using the Bandai TCG+ App

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