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Commander Legends Prerelease *Take-Home Event*

TWO ENTRYS AVAILABLE! We have two separate events scheduled.
Here are the Event Link Codes for these Take home Events: 3XV4Z4 - NWY7PX
Due to COVID19 events are subject to change.
We are not currently planning to do an in-store event, so we will be offering a “take home” option where players can pay $40 to get a prerelease kit.
Players will need to “register” for the event to be able to take home a kit.
A kit contains 6 draft boosters, plus we are adding 2 additional draft boosters as prize!!
Registration will require a Wizards account which can be created here ( if you don’t have one. This should be the same account you use to play Arena. It’s different from the account that had your DCI number attached. DCI numbers are no longer being used by Wizards. All we need is the email address associated with your Wizards account. (You can still receive a Prerelease Kit even if you dont have an account yet.)
For players that have existing accounts you can sign up for the event using the Magic Companion App for Android and iOS. Link: If you look in the event details below there will be a unique code that lets you register for the event using the app. 


Zendikar Rising At-Home Prerelease Kits $21.99

Each prerelease pack that includes: 6 booster packs, 1 randomized, date-stamped, premium promo card, 1 Spindown Life Counter, and 1 deckbuilding advice insert.



Open for Walk-Ins

Please Be Safe!

Tournaments have been temporarily suspended by WOTC and/ Local Covid19 Safety Regulations.

Covid19 Safety Precautions in place. Please Wear Masks at all times. Thank you and be Safe!

Curbside still available, Call for service 508-584-9572.

Open Mon-Fri 1pm-6pm


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