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Dragon ball super shop championship

Dragon Ball Super Tournament Bo1
Sunday July 1st 2018
Starts at 4:00 pm
Entry $5.00
Top 2 Winners awarded gold leaf Champion certificate. Everyone receives a Series 4 pre-release booster pack. Top 8 awarded gold Event Pack and exclusive Leader Card Top Loader.

Additional Dragon Ball Super events every week Wed-Sun 4pm.

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Final Fantasy Opus VI Pre-release

Final Fantasy TCG Sealed

Saturday, July 7th 2018

Starts at 1:00 pm

Entry $30.00

Seats are Limited to 12. Preregistration recommended. The event will be a sealed tournament, players will receive 6 packs of Opus 6 and a foil stamped promo to build their deck with. Players will then battle it out with their deck in a fun Swiss Style Rounds Tournament to try out all the new cards and mechanics in Opus 6! Prizes at the end will include specialty sleeves, and promo picks from all promos in stock for each and every player!

Additional Final Fantasy events every week Saturdays 1pm.

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Pokémon Celestial Storm pre-release

Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm Prerelease

Sunday July 22 2018

Starts at 4:00pm

Entry $30.00

The Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm Prerelease will feature "Prerelease Packs" with which players will construct their 40 card decks. We will play 3 twenty-minute rounds before awarding prizes. Everyone is a winner at the Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm Prerelease! All players will receive an additional 3 packs at the conclusion of the event. Seats are Limited to 30. Preregistration recommended.

Additional Pokemon events every week Sundays 4pm.

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Magic the Gathering Core Set 2019

All Day  Sunday, July 1st 2018              Magic Open House Free Standard Constructed League Play

1:00 pm Saturday, July 7th 2018          Core Set 2019 Pre-release Sealed Deck Tournament

1:00 pm Sunday, July 8th 2018             Core Set 2019 Pre-release Sealed Deck Tournament

7:00 pm Friday, July 13th 2018             Core Set 2019 Friday Night Magic Booster Draft Tournament

1:00 pm Saturday, July 14th 2018         Core Set 2019 Booster Draft Tournament

1:00 pm Sunday, July 15th 2018           Core Set 2019 Booster Draft Tournament

3:00 pm Wednesday, July 18th 2018    Core Set 2019 Weekly Magic League Play begins

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     June 29                 Battles of Legend Relentless Revenge release

July 13                   Starter Deck Codebreaker release

July 14                   Yugioh Day Codebreaker Challenge Tournament

Saturday July 14 is Yugioh Day, Starts at 1:00pm, $9.99 Starter Deck Entry, Best player to pilot the brand new Starter Deck Codebreaker wins the 2018 Yugioh Day Game mat! Top 8 awarded an exclusive Field Center Card!

July 20      Win Free Entry into "Sneak Peek" Challenge Tournament

July 21-22               Cybernetic Horizon Sneak Peek

                                            July 26                   Cybernetic Horizon Official Tournament Store Early Product Release

July 27                   Cybernetic Horizon Official Product Release

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We accept Cash, Checks, Paypal and All Major Credit Cards (with proper ID).
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Driving Directions
Located RTE 123 Directly Across the street from the Brockton City Hospital.
The cool part is from RTE 18 or RTE 27 all you to do is follow the
Brockton H hospital signs and they lead you to our front door.
Parking Available.

About us

The Wizards Duel began in 1999 as a Magic the Gathering tournament held at the stores previous site called M Class Worlds located on Perkins Ave in Brockton Mass. M Class Worlds began as a comic book shop, which over the years transformed by popular demand into a tournament center featuring Local tournaments for Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yugioh, World of Warcraft, WWE RawDeal, Duelmasters and whatever else the players wanted. As popularity increased, an upgrade came and in 2001, The Wizards Duel became a full time gaming and collectibles shop located at 675 Centre Street, a main road Rte 123 right across the street from the Brockton City Hospital. By 2017, Dragon Ball Super and Final Fantasy TCG has become real popular, tournament prizes include exclusive promos and packs only available at those events.